Dutch Exchange


Berwick Juniors have been participating in a yearly exchange visit with the town of Zeewolde in Holland for an amazing 30 years now.

The program sees children and coaches from Berwick visit Zeewolde for a week at a time, taking part in various football activities as well as other recreational visits (water parks etc.), then the following year, Berwick host children and coaches from Zeewolde for a week.

The exchange has proved massively popular over the years, with several children from Berwick having had the opportunity to play football abroad.

The Dutch Exchange is funded entirely by donations and sponsorship, and is held in a separate account to all club funds, no money from player subs goes towards the funding of the Dutch Exchange.

To find out more about the exchange and keep up to date with all the happenings, please see their Facebook feed below.


Here are some pictures from the recently completed 30th anniversary exchange.

Under 12 host family game, Tuesday 30th April
Under 14 host family game, Tuesday 30th April
Committee game, Sunday 28th April
Both committees, Friday party night 3rd May
Dutch kids training with Newcastle foundation at Walker Dome, Tuesday 30th April
Committees and helpers at St James’ Park, Tuesday 30th April
Chairmen Nico Hoogkamer, Steven Ingram with co-founder of the exchange Robert Johnson
30th Anniversary